This is my Personal Blog Page.  I am a Former U.S. Army “Buck” Sergeant.  I served in the U.S. Army for a total combined time of 16 years which spans 25 years from 1986 to 2011.  I originally trained as an M1 Abrams Crewmember (Combat Arms MOS 19Kilo).  I served Active Duty from 1986 to 1990 with 2nd Armored Division “Hell On Wheels”, FT Hood, TX and 3rd Armored Division “Spearhead”, Friedberg Germany.  I was also in Germany when the Berlin Wall Fell.

1993, I reenlisted as an 18Xray, Special Forces Candidate.  I made it through Airborne School, but unfortunately began to lose confidence in my abilities to be selected.  During selection I strained my skinny little arms on the obstacle course and the next day “VW’d” (Voluntary Withdrawal) from Special Forces Selection.

2002 After 9/11, I re-enlisted again in the California Army National Guard and re-classed as a 92-Romeo (Parachute Rigger).  I was mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom November, 2004.  As a “Filler” (extra body) I was assigned to the Idaho National Guard’s 116th Brigade Combat Team and in their supreme wisdom dropped me into a 96-Romeo Slot (Military Intelligence) assuming 92-Romeo is only off 96-Romeo by only four digits, why not, right?

I was awarded a CAB (Combat Action Badge) in theater and was de-moblized January, 2006.  I was finally Honorably Discharged in March of 2011.